Join me at one of my The Voice Within Emotional Intelligence workshops where I can teach you how to acquire the knowledge and skills that will enable you to master your emotions to achieve and sustain a balanced and successful life!”

Who is Maureen Obi-Ezekpazu?
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In school you are taught how to be academically brilliant, to pass exams and to fit into the boxes created by others. Much of what is taught is OK but does it give you what you need to live successfully (happily) in the world?

The answer to this central question is no.

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What an important role you play in the current system of things. Charged with the responsibility of providing the foundation for the next generation, you are pivotally placed to do good works. This is likely to have been your aim and objective when you….

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Social Workers

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Social Workers

These are difficult times. The world of child protection is constantly changing. The blame culture in society places you in a most vulnerable position. You feel that you are constantly under scrutiny for what you do as well as what you do not do.

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Decison Makers

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Decision Makers

Whether you are Judge or a high ranking official within a public or private corporation, or Head of a small charity or organisation, the decisions you make affect people. It is important therefore that apart from applying business….

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Did You Know?… A brief introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • The intellect (IQ) has been revered by society as the basis for a successful life for centuries.
  • Emotions have historically been considered dangerous and not the basis for a successful life.
  • Over the last 20 years the Centre for Emotional Intelligence has been undertaking research into the importance of emotions to our lives.
Research from this long study concludes two things:

  • That emotions matter.
  • That emotions are the driver of our lives and of equal importance if not more important than IQ.

Do you feel stuck, despite efforts to move your life in a positive way?
Discover keys that will increase your Emotional Intelligence and enhance your life.

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