Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Magnetism - Educators to Decision Makers

The desire to have a successful life is a strong one and stirs amongst most of us. Achieving this often seems impossible and fraught with difficulty when one looks out into the world and the sees the chaos that ensues.

The Voice Within Series: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence provides you with an alternative viewpoint and more importantly, the tools with which to build the life you want and desire.

Based on the teaching of The Hawaiian Mystery School for Golden Age Teachers, the work of the Yale University Centre for Emotional Intelligence, The Conscious Parent and the wealth of experience of the facilitator of these workshops, you will learn to build a life that will be successful in being a parent who builds emotional Intelligence for themselves and who in turn, imparts these gifts to their children, benefitting all in the process.

If you are or consider yourself to be a conscious parent then sign up for this series of 6 workshops and begin the process of transforming your environment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, namely the freedom to be and sustain a successful emotional life.

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