EI (Conscious Parenting) Skills Workshop

To build Resilience and Emotional Intelligence within our young is to provide each one with vital tools needed to make their way through life. With high levels of dysfunction in our society it is vital to equip families with the tools they will need to make the difference in their own lives.

The Voice Within Series brings the new EI Conscious Parenting Skills workshop in a series of 6 workshops each building on the one before to start the process of recognising why emotional intelligence building is an essential tool for all in our society.

The workshops are aimed at all but with special interest in providing tools to 4 to 25 year old members of our communities. The aim is to be achieved through emotionally intelligent conscious parenting, dubbed the “new and evolved way to parent in the 21st Century and beyond”

If you are a parent and want add to your existing parenting toolkit, sign up for our workshops!

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