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About Us

Our aim is to work towards making every family matter and in doing so revolutionise how the family is seen. This One Family Matters recognising that each family and every member of it brings to our world unique gifts which if allowed to flourish will assist in making our world a wondrous place to share with all of things in creation.

This One Family Matters in recognising the importance of the family seeks to elevate the family to its rightful place in society as an importance means of advancing society.

Our aim is to provide a holistic legal service that seeks to empower the individual to achieve better outcomes for children and families. The holistic approach to the provision of legal services is based on the fundamental principle that we are each responsible for events in our lives and that we each hold the key to change the outcomes for ourselves. You are the change that you wish to see in the world.

At Community Level

In achieving our aims we will first acknowledge and help uncover the individual gifts of the inner child within each family and each of its members. Building resilience and emotional intelligence and in doing so unlocking those gifts using keys (tools) designed to assist the individual in recognising the innate gifts within.

Building resilience and emotional intelligence within each family member will impact on how the family functions internally.

This One Family Matters will work with families to achieve this. We hope to see the changes in our local communities affecting schools, colleges universities local business and our environments as the family and each of its individual members evolves and grows to reach its full potential.

At National Level

In achieving our aims at local community levels, the impact nationally will be self-evident with more and more children and young people reaching or moving towards reaching their full potential who then work nationally using those uncovered gifts to advance every area in our society for the highest good of all concerned.

Using workshops and toolkits crafted specifically for the family This one Family matters seeks to help honour each inner child in each family member empowering each to reach full potential allowing the growth of the family whose impact will reverberate nationally.

At Global Level

As a pebble dropped into the water casts it net wide so too will the impact of the work Family Matters carries out. In time the effects of the work on individual members will find its root firmly embedded in our global society and will lead to a higher vibrating and peace centred global community

We provide below a series of downloadable pdf files that outline our aims, objectives and practical workshops that you can take away to read or distribute:

In order to achieve this objective Family Matters will need to raise money through donations. This is where you become involved.

If you like the aims and objectives of family matters and wish to contribute and assist in Family Matters reaching its objective then check out what we are doing and donate.

Each month we aim to raise £500.00 towards the cost of providing the assistance to one family. The sums donated will be used to cover the cost of providing this service and will not be profit making. This will mean that at least one family will be provided with the help they need without having to pay for the service at the point of delivery.

All sums donated not used in any month will be carried over to the following month and used for a family or families in need of assistance who meet the criteria for help.

To help support this work you are welcome to make a donation - please
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