Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Children and Young Adults

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In school you are taught how to be academically brilliant, to pass exams and to fit into the boxes created by others. Much of what is taught is OK but does it give you what you need to live successfully (happily) in the world?

The answer to this central question is no.

A world in which your emotions are not regarded is a world that is lacking.

Many children and young adults struggle in the school/college environment with their emotions. All emotions matter and are the key to a successful life (although traditional teaching says only intellect (academia) is worth pursuing) doing what is your passion (Research from The University of Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence concludes all emotions matter)

Often the emotional struggle is hidden because it is not seen as being cool or hip to express difficulties with managing emotions and particularly because key skills that help build emotional intelligence and resilience are not taught in schools.

Based on the teaching of The Hawaiin Mystery School for Golden Age Teachers, the work of The Yale University Centre for Emotional Intelligence, The Conscious Parent and other EI tools and the wealth of experience of the facilitator of these workshops, you will learn to build a life that will be successful, reminding you to be all that you can be and live according to your passion and gifts bestowed on you. Here is where
The Voice Within: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence has its place in your LIFE right NOW.

Join the ever growing Emotional Intelligence Community (EIC) and become part of the solution as advocates of Emotional Intelligence in action (EI in action)

Do not delay, your journey to a successful life begins NOW….

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