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What an important role you play in the current system of things. Charged with the responsibility of providing the foundation for the next generation, you are pivotally placed to do good works. This is likely to have been your aim and objective when you embarked upon this life pathway as an educator/guardian, only to be confronted with restriction after restriction preventing you from fulfilling your high aims.

You do not wish to give up the dream/objection but constantly struggle with how you will deliver your very unique message as educator/guardian to inspire those coming through the system on their way to adulthood.

Is this you?

Then you are in the right place.

The Voice Within Series: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in our Young workshops will equip you in a new and exciting yet very simple way to deliver your own unique brand/message whilst working in the confines of the current system.

A set of 6 interactive workshops which will help to provide you with tools to build, sustain and grow your own resilience and emotional intelligence quotient. Gaining the tools is only one part of the journey but an important one, because without the foundation it will be difficult to progress.

Based on the teaching of The Hawaiian Mystery School for Golden Age Teachers, the work of The Yale University, USA Centre for Emotional Intelligence. The Conscious Parent and other EI tools and the wealth of experience of the facilitator of these workshops, you will learn the toolbox skills that you will use to:

  1. Build, sustain and grow your own EI and resilience.
  2. Communicate better with your students.
  3. Provide these tools to them so they in turn can build, sustain and grow EI and resilience achieving bettie outcomes for and with them.

The Voice Within Series: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence is a series of interactive workshops that cannot be missed.

Join the growing Emotional Intelligent Community (EIC) and become part of the solution as advocates of Emotional Intelligence in action (EI in action)

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