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Social Workers

These are difficult times. The world of child protection is constantly changing. The blame culture in society places you in a most vulnerable position. You feel that you are constantly under scrutiny for what you do as well as what you do not do. You have a passion about helping but can be frustrated by the structure within which you have to operate. Communications with your client group is often difficult as you must maintain a distance, but at the same time offer help to those who happen into the child protection system.

You ask: what can I do to improve things given the restriction that exists?

The Voice Within Series: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence In Our Young is here to assist you find an alternative way of being and doing your work and will over time benefit all.

Based on the teaching of The Hawaiian Mystery School of Golden Age Teachers, the work of Yale University, USA Centre for Emotional Intelligence, The Conscious Parent and other EI tools and a wealth of experience of the facilitator of these workshops, you will learn to build a toolbox that will you will use to communicate better with your clients and achieve better outcomes for and with them.

The Voice Within Series: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence is a series of interactive workshops that cannot be missed.

In being better able to communicate with your client base and where appropriate, impart value tools for them to use on their pathway to being a successful parent who builds Emotional Intelligence for themselves, in turn pass on these gifts to their children, benefitting all in the process, you contribute positively to the transformation of the child protection system.

Incidentally, you TOO will gain on a personal level as you use these tools, to build and sustain your own individual Emotional Intelligence, because all emotions matter for all people. Joining the
Voice Within Series: Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence is a life changing decision leading to life changes in society.

Join the ever growing Emotional Intelligent Community (EIC) and become an advocate of the solution as advocates of Emotional Intelligence in action (EI in action)

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