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Whether you are Judge or a high ranking official within a public or private corporation, or Head of a small charity or organisation, the decisions you make affect people. It is important therefore that apart from applying business/professional acumen to the situation, you are fully present with your emotions.

It is becoming increasingly important that Leaders, if they are truly effective, must have regard to the health/wealth of those governed. Here, we mean the emotional health/wealth of those you are in service to.

Historically, it has been intellect (IQ) that has ruled the day. Applying reason and logic to our entire situation always led to or was bound to result in the right outcome, irrespective of the impact on the individual (or individuals).

Research from Yale University Centre for Emotional Intelligence, USA into this wonderful subject over the last 25 years, demonstrates and is highly suggestive that this traditional approach no longer serves the society in which we all NOW live and work. Know that emotions and all emotions matter and without doubt impact on decision making.

Based on the teachings of The Hawaiian Mystery School for Golden Age Teachers, the work of the Yale University Centre for Emotional Intelligence, The Conscious Parent and other EI tools and a wealth of experience of the facilitator of these workshops, you will learn to build a working life that will be successful not only for all decision making that is made, but equally, with regard to the management of those who work as employees and colleagues.

Helping to facilitate the use of tools that assist in the building of Emotional Intelligence for you and by example imparting these toolkit gifts to colleagues, employees and externally to clients, will have a positive impact on the business, leading to growth.

Join the ever growing Emotionally Intelligent Community (EIC) and become part of the solution and grow as advocates of Emotional Intelligence in action (EI in action)

Why not organise a workshop for your employees/colleagues?
The overall benefits to your organisation are invaluable.

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